Praise for

Joseph Sugarman’s Previous Books

You have a real talent for promotion and writing


Albert Gore, Former Vice President

United States of America

There are a lot of great copywriters, but Joe

Sugarman is the best. He knows how to build

a story and close the sale. Anyone who wants

to sell better will enjoy Advertising Secrets

of the Written Word.

Richard Thalheimer, Founder

The Sharper Image

I have been a fan of Joseph Sugarman’s

copywriting and marketing ideas for years

and have benefited greatly by imitating his

long-copy ads. Now he is letting us all in on

his secrets in a book that should cost $2,000

because it contains so much detailed

information. Thank you, Joe. I really liked

the book!

Jack Canfield, Co-Author

Chicken Soup for the Soul

Every trade has its role models. And for me, there is no better model for ad copywriters

or magazine editors than Joe Sugarman.

Ray Schultz, Editor

DIRECT Magazine

Joseph Sugarman is brimming over with cre-

ative ideas. That isn’t so unusual; many of us

are. But Joe’s ideas rocket into our marketing

consciousness like shooting stars with one tri-

umphant difference: His ideas invariably work.

They motivate. They sell. So this isn’t a book

for theoreticians. It’s aimed like an exquisitely

polished arrow into the heart of writing to sell.

New to marketing? Read this book. Been in the

business for 30 years? Read this book.

Herschell Gordon Lewis, Chairman


From Seminar Participants Who Learned

What You Are About to Learn

I enjoyed the seminar, and I learned a lot. I am

more determined than ever to start and succeed

at running a mail order business.

Lee R. Herrington III, President

Herrington’s Catalog

Your seminar has really opened my eyes to

a realization of what makes effective mail