Into the 21st Century


John Kehoe

In 1975 John Kehoe withdrew

into wooded seclusion to

spend three years in intensive

study and contemplation of the inner workings of the human

mind. By borrowing freely from a wide variety of scientific

and spiritual sources, and by applying his own shrewd obser-

vations and insights, Kehoe was able to forge the first

straightforward and successful program for developing mind

power. In 1978, he began teaching people the principles he

had formulated, and by 1980 the phenomenal success of his

speaking tours had grown to encompass the globe.

Kehoe has spent the last twenty years teaching, and he

currently resides with his wife in the Pacific Northwest, from

where he continues to write and tour.


Preface ix

1. Another View of Reality 1

2. Consciousness 7

3. Visualization 13

4. Seeding 21

5. Affirmations 27

6. Acknowledging 33

7. The Subconscious Mind 39

8. Intuition 45

9. Dreams 55

10. Reality 65

11. Concentration and Contemplation 69

12. Beliefs and Imprinting 75

13. Self-Image 85

14. Creativity 91

15. No Problems, Only Opportunities 103

16. Healing Ourselves 109

17. Prosperity Consciousness 119

18. Fulfilling Relationships 131

19. Training for the Magnificent Pay-off 143

Suggested Readings 147


y goal in this book is to

share with you a num-

ber of important tech-

niques I have found useful in creating new realities. In Mind

Power Into the 21st Century I will share with you stories of

how people are successfully using these techniques and show

you why they work so well.

Harnessing the forces of the universe and actively partici-

pating in the creative process of making your goals happen is

an exhilarating experience. This book provides you with all

the tools necessary to do that; all that remains is for you to

apply them.

For twenty years I have had the joy and gratification of

personally instructing well over one hundred thousand peo-

ple in this system. Now, through this book, I will be able to

reach countless others. If this book is in your hands for the

first time, then welcome; I am sure you will benefit from