The Troubleshooter

Bard Constantine

Bard Constantine

The Troubleshooter

After the Cataclysm nearly wiped out humanity, the remnants of mankind survived in Havens: city-sized constructs built to reboot society and usher in a new age of mankind.

However the new age was not the type that the architects had envisioned. The same greed and lust for power that existed before the Cataclysm had resurfaced, and the Havens quickly became quagmires of political and economic conflict that threatened to destroy the future envisioned by the Haven’s founders.

This is the world of Mick Trubble, a man without a past. A man with nothing to lose. But when your luck is down and no one else can help you, he can. He takes the cases that no one else will touch. The type of trouble that no one else can handle.

Mick Trubble is…

The Troubleshooter.

The Wise Man Says

It’s not the way you start that counts — its how you finish, so the wise man says. Perfect advice if you were a man without a past, like me.

It only made sense to take note of the counsel of mugs that have seen and done things. You know, been around the block long enough to know a thing or two. So I listened to what the wise man said.

Theodore Wiseman, that is.

Ol’ Wiseman was in the crowd that had gathered around when I was fished outta the river the night I lost most of my memory. He let me crash in his basement while I ‘got myself together,’ as he put it. Wiseman was a pretty decent mug. He knew that I wouldn’t have lasted long on the streets of New Haven without a helping hand. And in turn I was more than happy to lend him a hand with whatever it was he needed.

Turned out he needed a partner.

Although he didn’t want to admit it, Wiseman was an old codger who had lost the spring in his step. He was a tough old fossil, though. Most mugs would’ve sat back and retired, but Wiseman scoffed at that.

Listen, Mick. A man retires when he’s ready to die. I may have lost a step or two, but what I lost I gained back in wit and cunning. Figure it evens out. I’d like to take you on the beat. It’s been real dead lately, but we’re about to change that. If you wanna wake something dead, then you gotta make a lot of noise. So we’re gonna pound the streets and scare up some work. See if you can get a handle on my kind of gig.