Chapter 12 Little Forrest


Chapter 12 Little Forrest

Sue and I got off the bus at Savannah, then I went and got a cup of coffee and sat outside the bus station.

What could I do next? I didn’t know. So after I finished my cup of coffee, I took out my harmonica and began to play. I played two songs ─ and a man walked past and threw some money into my empty coffee cup! I played two more songs, and soon the cup was half full of money!

By the end of the next week, we were getting ten dollars a day.

Then, one afternoon when I was playing to some people in the park, I noticed that a little boy was watching me carefully. Then I looked up and saw a woman who was standing near him.

It was Jenny Curran.

Her hair was different, and she looked a bit older, and a bit tired, but it was her all right. And when I finished playing, she held the little boy’s hand and came across.

She was smiling.Oh, Forrest, I knew it was you when I heard that harmonica. Nobody plays the harmonica like you do.

What are you doing here?I asked her.

We live here now,’ she said.Donald works in a business here in Savannah. We came here about three years ago.

When I stopped playing, the rest of the people walked away. Jenny sat next to me while the little boy started playing with


Why are you playing your harmonica in the park?asked Jenny.

Mom wrote and told me about your shrimp business, and how rich you were.

It’s a long story,’ I said.Is that your little boy?

Yes,’ she said.

What do you call him?

His name is Forrest,’ she said quietly. Then she went on, ‘He’s half yours. He’s your son, Forrest.

I looked at the boy, who was still playing with Sue.My . . . son?

I knew that a baby was on the way when I left Indianapolis,’ said Jenny, ‘but I didn’t want to say anything. I don’t know why. I was worried that perhaps ─’

Perhaps he would be an idiot,’ I finished for her.

Yes. But Forrest, he’s not an idiot, he’s really clever.

Are you sure that he’s mine?I asked.

I’m sure,’ said Jenny.He wants to be a football player.

I looked at the boy.Can I see him for a minute or two?

Of course,’ said Jenny, and she called to him.Forrest, I want you to meet another Forrest. He’s an old friend of mine.