Chapter 5 Seeds of Revenge


Chapter 5 Seeds of Revenge

The next night, before going to visit his father in hospital, Michael had dinner with Kay in the hotel. They didn't talk much. Kay kept looking across the table at him, worried by his silence. Finally, he put down his glass of wine, stood up and said: 'I have to go.'

'Can I come with you?' Kay said, staring at her food.

'There'll be policemen at the hospital,' Michael said, putting on his coat.

'Reporters too. I don't want to get you mixed up in this.'

Kay looked at him sadly. She understood that, since the shooting of his father, he was different. He was more distant from her. 'When will I see you again?' she asked quietly.

Michael found it difficult to look her in the eyes. 'Go back to your parents and I'll call you,' he said. But Kay repeated her question: 'When will I see you again?' This time, Michael looked at her. 'I don't know,' he said, touching her gently on the shoulder. Then, without another word, he left her sitting alone at the table and walked towards the door.

When Michael got out of the taxi, he was surprised to see that the street side the hospital was quiet and empty. When he climbed the steps and went through the front door, he was even more surprised to find that there was nobody inside the hospital either. 'Where are Tessio's and Clemenza's men?' he thought nervously as he took the lift up to the fourth floor.

There was nobody outside his father's room. Michael opened the door slowly and walked inside. His father was lying in bed; glass bottles hung next to him. As Michael stood by the bed and looked down at his sleeping father, he heard a noise behind him in the doorway.

He turned quickly. It was only a nurse.

'What are you doing here?' she whispered angrily.

'I'm Michael Corleone. This is my father. There's nobody here. What happened to the guards?'

'Your father had too many visitors. The police came and made them all leave ten minutes ago.'

Michael thought quickly. He picked up the phone by the bed and told Sonny to send some people to the hospital at once. Then he told the nurse to help him move his father's bed to another room. When she complained, he said: 'You know my father? Men are coming here to kill him. You understand? Now help me, please.'