The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

Douglas Adams

Praise for Douglas Adams and his fifth Hitchhiker book MOSTLY HARMLESS!

Hitchhiker fans rejoice!… If you were hoping for more of the same zany, nonsensical mayhem produced in the earlier books, you’re in luck.

The New York Times Book Review

It is Mr. Adams’s genius to hurl readers into a plot that seems to go everywhere and nowhere, then suddenly drop the pieces into place, click, click, click, like tumblers in a lock…. Delightful.

The Baltimore Sun

A winner… The humor is hilarious, the cliffhangers are cliff-hanging, and overall it’s classic Hitchhiker’s shtick…. For those of you wondering about Elvis’s whereabouts—well, read Mostly Harmless.

The Boston Phoenix

The universe, the parallel universes, the pasts, the presents and the futures, indeed the Whole Sort of General Mish Mash is hilariously up for grabs in Mostly Harmless.

The Denver Post