The Lost Treasure of Bodega Bay

Clemen D. B. Gina

Chapter one

The Story of the Ghost Ship

Kate and Mike Sullivan live in San Francisco with their parents and their pet dog, Lucky. Their home is on Russian Hill and from their house Kate and Mike have a great view of San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge. Their father, Frank Sullivan, is a professor and teaches marine biology at San Francisco University. Their mother, Liz Sullivan, works in a big bookshop in the city center.

Kate is fourteen and her brother Mike is fifteen. Kate goes to Lincoln Middle School and Mike goes to Galileo High School. Kate is a pretty girl with long blonde hair and blue eyes. She likes school, but doesn't like math. She loves dancing and belongs to the Lincoln Dance Club. She is a very good dancer and wants to become a professional dancer one day.

Mike is tall with brown hair and blue eyes. He is in his first year of high school and he always has a lot of homework. He is an excellent swimmer and is a member of the Galileo High School swimming team.

Our story begins on a sunny Monday morning early in June.

"Half past seven!" said Kate, putting on her watch, "time for breakfast."

"Two more weeks and school is over," said Mike happily.

"Summer vacation - the best time of the year," said Kate laughing. Kate was also excited because after the summer she was going to start high school.

"Good morning," said Mrs Sullivan, who was preparing breakfast. "Kate, remember you have an eye doctor's appointment today after school with Dr Lee. Please don't be late."

"I know, Mom," said Kate. "But I don't want to go, I don't want to wear glasses."

"Kate, you can't study well at school; you need a pair of glasses. If you don't get them, your eyesight will get worse," said Mr Sullivan, drinking a cup of coffee. "There's nothing wrong with glasses. I wear them. A lot of kids wear them."

"Susan Garcia in my class just got glasses," said Mike, "and she looks better with glasses than without them."

Kate slowly ate her breakfast and said, "OK, OK, I'll wear them to see the board."