The Last Photo

Bernard Smith

It is Saturday afternoon. Martin and his sister Pam are in Cambridge for the day.

They are looking at the beautiful old buildings of this University City.

Pam has a camera with her. She likes taking photos and sometimes they are very good. But sometimes they are not very good and Martin laughs at them.

It is five o'clock. Pam and Martin are going home now. They are tired after their long day. They are in the garden near the bus station. "Let's have a last photo of you," says Pam.

"Oh no, not again," says Martin.

"Come on," says Pam. "It's the last one, I want to finish the film in my camera."

"Oh, all right," says Martin,

He stands in front of the flowers.

"Look at me," says Pam and takes a photo.

A man with a big rucksack on his back walks between Pam and Martin.

"Oh no," says Pam. "Now I've got a picture of that man, not of you, Martin."

The man looks at Pam. He is angry. He goes across the road without a word.

"That man isn't very nice, is he?" says Martin.

"No," says Pam. "And that was the last picture on the film, too."

The man with the rucksack on his back goes into the bus station. He has got sunglasses and a blue hat.

"Come on," says Martin. "Let's find our bus."

They go into the bus station.

"Look," says Martin. "There's that man again. He's getting into that bus. He's going to Aberdeen. That's in Scotland."

"Good," says Pam. "Far from here and far from me!" She is angry with the man.

Three days later, on Tuesday, Pam has got her photos from the shop.

"Look at these," she says to Martin. "They're the photos of us in Cambridge."

"Oh, these are all very good," says Martin.

"But not this last one," says Pam. "Look, it's that man with the rucksack."

In the photo, the man is in front of Martin. You cannot see Martin behind the man's rucksack.

"Wait a minute," says Martin. "I know that face. It's in the newspaper. Have you got it?"

"Today's newspaper?" says Pam. "Yes, it's here. Why?"