This Is America "Mini-Novels For English Learners"


This Is America:

Mini-Novels For English Learners

1Leaving for Work

2Shopping at the Supermarket

3Sunday Afternoons

4Julie Joins Facebook

5Bowling Night

6The Haunted Warehouse

7Moving to Arizona

8Working at a Bookstore

9Joel Learns to Drive

10Ghost in the Hall

11Bobby the Fat Boy

12Fifth Grade Dance Competition (1)

13Fifth Grade Dance Competition (2)

14Camping Trip

15Painting a Mural

16New York, New York

17Not-so-happy Meals

18The Bad News

19The Big Move

20The Dentist Will See You Now

1. Leaving for Work

At precisely 6 a.m., the sound of the alarm clock pierces the air. Sandy drags herself out of bed and begins her morning routine with a quick shower. After her shower, she prepares a simple breakfast. Grabbing a clean bowl from the dishwasher, she empties into it a packet of instant oatmeal. She pours in a cup of milk, stirs and heats the mixture in the microwave. While waiting for her oatmeal to cook, she dresses for the day, mindful of the weather.

Fully dressed now, she removes her oatmeal from the microwave, which has now cooled just enough to suit her taste. It is her favorite flavor, apple cinnamon. As she savors each bite, she is reminded of her mother, who always made sure Sandy ate a warm breakfast before leaving the house in the morning.

Checking the time on her phone, she hurriedly swallows the last few mouthful of oatmeal before heading out. As she steps into the street, a gust of wind blows back her hair. She covers her head with the hood of her coat, tightens the scarf around her neck, and braces for her walk to the train station.

After settling into her seat on the train, memories of her mother stir again. She takes out her phone and texts: "Hey mom, thanks for the scarf you knit me. It came in real handy this morning. Love always."

2Shopping at the Supermarket Pulling into the parking lot of the largest supermarket in town, Joe could already see it was going to be a challenge to find parking on this Saturday morning. He decides to first drop off his wife Melissa, so she could get a head start on the shopping they need to do. Meanwhile, he battles to find a free spot amongst the crowd of other waiting cars.