The sources of social power: Volume3: Global empires and revolution, 1890–1945


The sources of social power

vo l u m e 3

Global empires and revolution, 1890–1945

Distinguishing four sources of power in human societies – ideolog-

ical, economic, military, and political – this series traces their inter-

relations throughout history. This third volume of Michael Mann’s

analytical history of social power begins with nineteenth-century

global empires and continues with a global history of the twentieth

century up to 1945. Mann focuses on the interrelated development of

capitalism, nation-states, and empires. Volume 3 discusses the “Great

Divergence” between the fortunes of the West and the rest of the

world; the self-destruction of European and Japanese power in two

world wars; the Great Depression; the rise of American and Soviet

power; the rivalry between capitalism, socialism, and fascism; and

the triumph of a reformed and democratic capitalism.

Michael Mann is Distinguished Professor of Sociology at the

University of California, Los Angeles. He is the author of Power in

the 21st Century: Conversations with John Hall (2011), Incoherent

Empire (2003), and Fascists (Cambridge 2004). His book The Dark

Side of Democracy (Cambridge 2004) was awarded the Barrington

Moore Award of the American Sociological Association for the best

book in comparative and historical sociology in 2006.

The sources of social power

volume 3

Global empires and revolution,



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