Маленькая дождевая тучка

The Baby Raincloud

журнал Storyteller (Storyteller)

The Baby Raincloud

Baby Raincloud was very excited "My first trip out on my own! Mmmm.

How good it feels to be out in the broad blue sky!"

After a while, he looked down and saw two little girls playing in a meadow. They were busy setting out a picnic lunch on the grass, laughing and chattering happily. "I must have a closer look!" thought Baby Raincloud, and he floated towards the meadow.

The girls had just begun to eat their picnic when the first raindrops fell.

"Oh no! It's starting to rain!" wailed one little girl.

"Quickly! Let's shelter under that tree," said her friend.

"We hate rain!" they moaned, packing away their picnic things. Poor Baby Raincloud. "I didn't want to spoil their fun! I only wanted to see "what they were doing."

He floated sadly away, until he saw a beautiful line of gold between the blue sea and the green land. "What's that?" he asked a passing gull."

"It's a beach!" squawked the gull.

"You won't be very popular down there!"

"Surely one little peep won't hurt?" said Baby Raincloud, and he floated towards the crowded beach.

One family was building a huge sandcastle. Baby Raincloud hovered above them, watching, fascinated.

"Oh no!" cried the family. "It's raining! Quick! Let's get under cover!"