Amazing Minibeasts

Cheryl Palin



A minibeasts is a small animal with no backbone. It's an invertebrate. There are many different types of minibeast. Scientists put them into different groups.

The biggest group is the arthropods. Arthropods have six or more legs. Some arthropods are insects. Insects have six legs. There are more than one million types of insect. Some examples are bees, beetles, ants, flies, and grasshoppers.

Some arthropods are arachnids. Arachnids have eight legs. Scorpions and spiders are arachnids.

Some arthropods are myriapods. They have lots of legs. Centipedes and millipedes are myriapods. Centipedes have two legs on each body section. Millipedes have four legs on each body section.

Some minibeasts don't have legs. Snails and slugs don't have legs. They are mollusks. Earthworms and leeches don't have legs. Their bodies have lots of sections. They are annelids. Which minibeasts do you know?