Тед Банди и я, охота на убийцу с Зелёной Реки

The Riverman: Ted Bundy and I Hunt for the Green River Killer

Роберт Кеппел (Robert Keppel)



“[Keppel] knows more about identifying, tracking, and finally arresting and convicting serial killers than anyone else in the field.

—Ann Rule, New York Times bestselling author of Heart Full of Lies

“[A] page turner. The obvious excitement Bundy felt at the chance to recount his murderous career to Keppel sends chills down the spine. Keppel took Bundy’s intricate tale of homicidal insanity and turned it into a cogent and useful primer for law enforcement agencies trying to catch serial killers. It will be the standard for such investigations for years to come.

The Detroit News

One of the classic studies of criminology … The Silence of the Lambs owes tons to the investigation of the mind and modus operandi of the serial killer conducted by Robert Keppel.

Time Out (U.K.)

Superb on many levels. Not only is Keppel a superlative detective, he is an excellent writer.

Daily Mail (U.K.)