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Hit By A 1

АО3 (A03)

So you’re saying this will last a whole month?!Uraraka exclaimed.

As far as the quirk specialists are saying, yes,” Aizawa said tiredly. The light from the windows cast a shadow over his face that made him almost look like a ghost.The child that caused this doesn’t have a very good handle on their quirk, and it’s a powerful one. A month is the least amount of time it will last. It’s lucky just this class was affected.

So we’ll just blurt out random things?Mina asked.Like the fact that I can’t eat sandwiches not cut down the middle?

Snickers rose from the class as she turned a bright red.

Aizawa sighed.Not exactly. The quirk is a weird mix between a truth quirk and a prone to suggestion quirk, thanks to the boy's parents. It means you’ll be under the effects of a normal truth quirk, but you also won’t have the ability to keep yourselves from oversharing.

So we’ll all be spouting fucking word vomit like Deku?!

Yes, Bakugou. Fucking word vomit.

This doesn’t make sense!Midoriya cried.There’s no way a quirk of someone so young would be powerful enough to work on such a large group of people for so long, and even if it were, why was the range of the initial blast so small if it was that powerful? The logistics alone-“

Shut up, nerd!

It doesn’t matter how it works,” Mr. Aizawa said, already looking even more exhausted than he had at the beginning of class.As of right now, due to this quirk, you are not to leave campus, your phones are being confiscated, and the wifi is being shut down in your dorm-“

Numerous protests accompanied this announcement, and Aizawa gave them a subtle glare to quiet them.I feel like I don’t need to remind you that if anything confidential were to get out due to this quirk, it would be disastrous.

Most of the class paled at that. The idea of one of them spilling information that the media - or worse, the villains - could use for their own malicious intent was enough to shut them up about having no internet or phones for so long.

That being said,” Aizawa continued after letting that sink in for a moment, “You all will probably share things with each other you would rather keep hidden. I implore all of you to be accepting of one another’s faults and words. You will all be heroes together one day and that means you have to trust one another.