The Ultimate Sales Machine

Chet Holmes

More Praise for Chet Holmes and The Ultimate Sales Machine

Chet Holmes is one of the best marketers on the planet. This book proves it. It’s a landmark work that you could read and reread forever and just keep getting more and more out of it.

—Hale Dwoskin, New York Times bestselling author, The Sedona Method

We all sell for a living—some of us know this and the rest of us don’t yet. Either way you have to read this book. Chet Holmes is a consummate professional with sales and marketing know-how that even Homer Simpson could implement without a brain transplant…. Applying the success systems in this book will transform your business and your life.

—Stewart Emery, bestselling coauthor, Success Built to Last

Nobody knows more about how to create the ultimate sales machine than Chet Holmes. Read this book and supercharge your business.

—Mark Thompson, bestselling coauthor, Success Built to Last

I built my first company to become the fifty-ninth-fastest-growing private company in America, and my second one to $85 million in just twenty-one months. We used Chet’s concepts at both companies and there is just no one that has such powerful yet practical ways to grow companies. And I love the idea that to be great you only need to know twelve things, not four thousand. That’s proven to be so true in my life.

—Scott Hallman, CEO, Business Growth Dynamics, Inc.

Rarely does a CEO have the opportunity to work with someone as talented as Chet Holmes. In growing my own company, Chet was instrumental in causing a quantum leap in the growth of our sales…. Profound changes in your organization are possible by applying the simple yet powerful truths Chet explains in what may be the best business book ever written. As an adviser to CEOs and organizations of every size, I draw on Chet’s techniques in every engagement.