Towel city 15-16


I’ve actually stopped bleeding by the time I arrived at the door to the ballroom with the handkerchief pressed against my neck.

No one knew if Buinter secretly casted magic on it knowing that he was a sorcerer.

I flinched to a stop when I was about to enter the ballroom to check on myself.

I didn’t know wearing a dress with such dull colour would be this much of a help today.

The blood stain on the dress I was wearing were hardly visible due to its dark colour.

Thanks to that, I only had to give my hair a little touch before I went in.

Finding Derrick was very easy.

Our mister capture target with cold aura was shining alone out of all the people surrounding him.

He told me to just stay quiet and not make a fuss…… He’d be mad if he saw my neck cut.

I was too focused on thinking back to the warning Derrick gave me when we arrived at the royal grounds that I didn’t notice the gazes of people all looking at me.

Didn’t notice that I wasn’t fine just because my dress was fine.

“…… Brother.

I called him out quietly.

Fortunately, he heard this quiet call that was close to a whisper from all the way in the crowd because he turned to look at me right after.

I think I’ll be leaving now, I’m not feeling too well.

Derrick’s blue eyes widened when he spotted his pale little sister who looked like she was about to faint with a blood-soaked handkerchief pressed against her neck.

Right now.

Everything turned black that moment in an instant.

The last thing I saw was Derrick running towards me with a pale face as I fell unconscious.


I didn’t remember anything after I fainted at the ball.


Quick! Hurry and bring a doctor!

Urgent shouting and rushed footsteps could be faintly heard.

The fact that I was lying in bed for days, suffering just from a small cut on my neck, made me laugh.

It was as if all the stress I’ve ignored, due to the fact that I was busy trying to survive, exploded all at once there.

I’ve dreamt of lots of things during those days.

I thought I was going to dream about Penelope’s past now that I’ve become her, but it was all my past that I’ve dreamt of.

It was not too long since the day I entered a highschool which only the rich family’s kids goes to, after I was taken into that house.