Чудеса на виражах

Plunder and Lightning

Роберт Тейлор (Robert Taylor)

Plunder & Lightning

Part I: Plane For Keeps

Act I

Scene I

(Shot of a mountain range above the clouds. While not named in either the television movie nor syndication version of this pilot; the comics call this the Pokahiya Mountain Range. A purple/grey airplane with a black panther wearing a blue uniform with the SK logo (SK means Shere Khan by the way; although the official name is Khan Enterprises, so it should be KE instead.) enters into the screen and there are five smaller airplanes with laughably smaller wings flying in from behind and they start shooting, nailing the right engine. One of the planes flies to the right as the right propeller of the SK plane is smoking violently. From that blue plane comes a brown ferret like man with a long hair mustache wearing a blue vest with red trim, spiked red armbands and goggles taking out a grappling hook gun and shooting the grappling hook. It attaches to the right wing of the plane as the ferret (Mad Dog) swings over and climbs onto the rope. Cut to a red plane as a brown dog wearing blue overalls, green scarf and a red shirt with a hat firing his grappling gun onto the left wing of the propeller. (Ratchet) A green plane has already fired on the left wing with his grappling hook gun off-screen. At least two of the hijackers climb onto the right wing of the SK plane (The one next to Mad Dog appears to be a grey ferret wearing a dark blue coat and pants. He was never named in the series.). Ratchet shows off his crowbar out of nowhere to the Khan pilot on the left wing outside as the Khan pilot just sits there not knowing what to do. Then a red wolf furry jumps down onto the top of the SK plane from a rope ladder from his black plane wearing a royal blue navy uniform coat with red trim on the sleeves, grey pants and black boots with grey over trim. He watches over the four hijackers as the fourth one is a shaggy dog wearing a lime green suit with a red headband; as they tear the roof open with crowbars. Finally; the Khan pilot stands up and turns around as the red wolf furry jumps down and makes his entrance. )

Don Karnage: Greetings and salvations, fellow aviator. It is I -- that panic-provoking pirate -- Don Karnage! (Don Karnage takes a bow and the pilot goes to his transmitter speaking into it.)