Чудеса на Виражах

TaleSpin 5-20

Роберт Тейлор (Robert Taylor)

From Here To Machinery Transcript

Act I

Scene I

(Shot of that spot in the South Seas; Louie's as an almond plane flies into view. Pan down to the building of Louie's. Head inside as a dog furry wearing a blue baseball cap and a green coat is on a stool in front of the island telling a story to his friends. Ace is there sitting at the table along with a buffalo furry drinking orange juice through a spiral straw. There is also a small cat furry, walrus, an otter and Waldo present. )

Dog Pilot: Pirates to the left, pirates to the right, guns ablazing! (Mimics machine gun fire causing the short grey furry with the leather bomber jacket to literally fall out of his seat.) Four air pirates at once and they never touched me! Hahaha! Us freelance pilots are the best, eh? (Pan over to the table which seats three panther pilots wearing blue coats with the Shere Khan logo attached to their shoulders.)

Khan Pilot #1: Look, citizen. Shere Khan hires only the best pilots. We fly for Khan, therefore we are the best. (Louie walks in; but a doberman furry in an almond trenchcoat and hat grabs Louie from behind.)

Louie L'Amour: Hey, man. Easy on the haberdashery.

Martin Torque: Pardon me. But which are the best? The freelancers or Khan's pilots? (Martin takes out a pencil and is taking notes at a table with a piece of paper. The Sea Duck roars overhead as we get a shot of outside Louie's as the SeaDuck races by the roof causing a mini whiplash effects and some screaming.)

Louie: Hahaha! There's your answer right there, man! The world's primo pilot, Baloo. (Louie takes Martin to the window and shows the SeaDuck slicing through hedges in the back with the propellers.) Snow or warm, pirates or storm, that guy can handle anything. (The SeaDuck lands at the docks.) Wanna meet him? (Baloo walks into Louie's.)

Baloo Von Bruinwald XIII: Heh-hey, Louie! Trimmed your hedges for you on the way in!

Louie: Thanks, cousin. (Louie and Baloo slap hands as we pan over to the three panther pilots smirking at this.)

Khan Pilot #1: (To his friends while Baloo overhears him.) Maybe he should get a job as a gardener.

Baloo: How about a Mango Fandango for the top dog on the Air Ace Wall of Fame? (Baloo and Louie head to the island as we pan over to the cork board showing a number of photos and announcements; including Baloo. Which expands to double the amount of photos on the closeup shot showing Baloo doing a thumbs up.)