Девушка с зелёными глазами

The Girl with Green Eyes

Джон Эскотт (John Escott)

The Girl with Green Eyes

Greg is a porter at the Shepton Hotel in New York.

After work, he always goes for a coffee across the street. A girl is sitting in the coffee shop, near the window.

'It's her again!' thinks Greg. 'She's here every afternoon. I'm going to say hello.'

Greg goes into the coffee shop and gets a coffee. Then he goes across to the girl's table.

'Hi!' he says. 'I'm Greg. Can I sit with you?'

'OK,' she says. 'I'm Cassie.'

'I come here for a coffee every day after work,' says Greg. 'I'm a porter at the Shepton Hotel.' He smiles. 'You have beautiful green eyes.'

'Have I?' she says. She doesn't smile.

'Is something wrong, Cassie?' he asks. 'You don't look very happy.'

'It - it's nothing,' she says.

'Tell me,' says Greg. 'Maybe I can help?'

'Well...' she begins.

'Go on,' says Greg.

'My stepfather is staying at the Shepton Hotel,' she says. 'He has my sketch books. I'm an artist. When I ask him to give them to me he says, "No. I want you to come back home to Boston." But I don't want to go back to Boston. He's not nice.'

'How long is he going to be at the hotel?' asks Greg.

'Two more days,' says Cassie. 'He's in room 724.'

'Maybe I can get the sketch books for you,' says Greg. 'Maybe I can get into his room.'

'Can you?' she says.

'Meet me here tomorrow afternoon at 4.30,' says Greg.

'OK, thank you!' says Cassie. 'Thank you very much.' She looks at her watch. 'I've got to go now. See you tomorrow.'

When Cassie gets back to her hotel room, she makes a telephone call.

'Hello,' she says. 'It's me. It's OK, the boy's going to do it... Yes, I'm going to get them from him tomorrow afternoon... OK, I can meet you there the morning after, at 10am. Don't forget to bring the money - two thousand dollars.'

Next morning, Greg arrives at work early. He goes to find room 724.

'I have to wait for Cassie's stepfather to go out,' he thinks. 'I don't know his name, but it doesn't matter.'