Просто девочка и мальчик

Just a Girl and a Boy

Ричард Кертис (Richard Curtis)


Just a Girl and a Boy

'What's happening?' Spike asked.

'I'm throwing out some old videos,' William replied. Some of them were, of course, Anna's films.

'You can't do that! These are great films. You mustn't do it! I won't let you!'

'Right. Let's talk about the money for your room...'

'Ah... right... I'll help you. You're right. We don't need all of them!'

The next day, at work, William was at his desk when Martin called to him.

'Excuse me, William, there's a package,' Martin said.

'Well? You work here, don't you?' he replied.

'But it's not for the shop. It's for you.'

'OK,' William sighed, getting up from his desk. 'But tell me... What exactly do I pay you for?'

William walked towards the front of the shop and stopped suddenly. There, in front of him, was Anna. She was dressed very simply, but was as beautiful as always.

'Hi!' she smiled.


'You left...'

'Yes, I'm sorry. I had to leave. I was in the way.'

'Well... how have you been?' she asked.

'Fine,' he said. 'Everything is exactly as it was before. When they change the law, Spike and I will marry immediately. Very different from your film star life.'

'Oh, no. All that means nothing. I had no idea how meaningless it all was. But I know now.' She looked nervous. 'Yesterday was the last day of filming. I'm leaving soon and I wanted you to have this.' She pointed to a large, flat package covered in brown paper.

'Oh. Thank you. Shall I...?'

'No. Don't open it now.'

'OK. Well, thank you. I don't know what it's for. But thank you.'

'I had it in my flat in New York. And I just thought... But I didn't know how to call you...' she began hesitantly. 'I was so rude to you last time. So it was in the hotel. But then - you came. So 1 thought... I thought...'

'What did you think?' he asked softly.

The shop door opened and Mr Smith walked in.

William looked up. 'Don't even think about it. Go away immediately!'