The Other Man


I was a writer. I wrote books. I write now, but nobody knows. Nobody can see me now. Something strange has happened to me. I will tell you about it.

In January I wanted to write a very long book. So I left my home and I found a little room.

This is a good room for a writer,’ I thought.I’ll write my book here.

It was a little room, but I liked it. It was very quiet. I began to work on my book and I was happy.

Then things began to happen — strange things.

One day I was at my desk with my pen in my hand. Suddenly I thought, ‘I want a coffee and I haven’t got any. I’ll have to go to the shop.

I put my pen on the table and went out.

When I came back, I looked for the pen. It wasn’t on the table. I looked on the floor, on my chair and then on the table again. It wasn’t there!

I don’t understand it,’ I thought.

That night another strange thing happened. I was in bed and the room was very quiet. Suddenly, I opened my eyes,

What was that?I wondered.

Then I heard a voice – a man’s voice.

Who’s there?I cried.

There was no answer and there was nobody in the room! I couldn’t understand it, and I was afraid.

What can I do?I thought.What was that?

After that, strange things happened every day. But I had to finish my book, so I stayed there.

The room was very small. There were not many things in it; only a bed, a table and a chair. And there was a mirror on the wall. It was a very old mirror and I liked it. And then, one day, I looked in the mirror and – I saw him! The other man! It wasn’t me. This man had a beard, but I didn’t!

I shut my eyes and looked again. This time, I saw my face in the mirror.

That didn’t happen,’ I thought, ‘I was wrong. There wasn’t another man.

I went for a walk that day, and I didn’t work on my book. I didn’t want to be in the room. I didn’t want to see or hear strange things.

At night, I went home again. The room was very quiet. I looked in the mirror and saw my face. But I wasn’t happy. I went to bed, but I couldn’t sleep.

I’ll leave here tomorrow,’ I thought. And after that, I slept.

But then another strange thing happened. The other man stood by my bed and spoke to me.

You will never leave here,’ he said.You will stay with me.

And then I opened my eyes. I was very cold and afraid.I’ll leave now,’ I thought.I can’t stay here for one more minute.