Me Before You

Анастасия Микеко

The last letter of the massive pile before I'd begin tackling the two dozen invitations Miranda received each day was addressed in the loopy, girly writing of a teenager, complete withi 's dotted with hearts and smiley faces next to happy thoughts. I planned to only skim it, but it wouldn't allow itself to be skimmed: it was too immediately sad and honest—it was bleeding and pleading and begging all over the page. The initial four-second period came and went and I was still reading.

Dear Miranda,

My name is Anita and I am seventeen years old and I am a senior at Barringer

H.S. in Newark, NJ. I am so ashamed of my body even though everyone tells me I'm not fat. I want to look like the models you have in your magazine. Every month I wait for Runway to come in the mail even though my mama says it's stupid to pay all my allowance for a fashion magazine. But she doesn't understand that I have a 1

dream, but you do, dontcha? It has been my dream since I was a little girl, but I don't think it's gonna happen. Why, you ask? My boobs are very flat and my behind is bigger than the ones your models have and this makes me very embarased. I ask myself if this is the way I wanna live my life and I answer NO!!! because I wanna change and I wanna look and feel better and so I'm asking for your help. I wanna make a positive change and look in the mirror and love my breasts and my behind because they look just like the ones in the best magazine on earth!!!

Miranda, I know you're a wonderful person and fashion editor and you could transform me into a new person, and trust me, I would be forever grateful. But if you can't make me a new person, maybe you can get me a really, really, really nice dress for special occasions? I don't ever have dates, but my mama says it's OK for girls to go out alone so I will. I have one old dress but its not a designer dress or anything you would show in 2

Runway. My favorite designers are Prada (#1), Versace (#2), John Paul Gotier (#3). I have many faves, but those are my first three I love. I do not own any of their clothes and I haven't even seen them in a store (I'm not sure if anywhere in Newark sells these designers, but if you know of one, please tell me so I can go look at them and see what they look like up close), but I've seen there clothes in Runway and I have to say that I really, really love them.