Cinderella is a nice beautiful girl, she lives with her step-mother and two bad and ugly step-sisters. She is hard working. She works all day. She cleans the house, does laundry, washes the dishes....and her sisters do nothing, they play and try on new dresses and shoes all the time. They think they are pretty. They are very lazy and mean. They don't love Cinderella. They laughed at her. They all live in a kingdom. One day the prince invites all the girls from the kingdom to the ball. He wants to find a good wife. Cinderella wants to go to the ball. But her angry step mother doesn't allow her to go to the palace. Cinderella is very sad. Suddenly, her Fairy Godmother appears in the house. "Don't worry and don't cry, Cinderella", — she says. She waves her magic wand. She turns her old dirty clothes into a very beautiful dress. Cinderella brings a pumpkin and her Fairy Godmother turns it into a wonderful coach with white horses. Now Cinderella is happy. She smiles, she is ready to go to the ball. "But remember, — says the Fairy Godmother. — You must come back before midnight". Cinderella is in the palace. She sees many attractive young ladies but Cinderella is the best. The prince dances only with Cinderella all the evening. When the clock strikes twelve, Cinderella runs away from the prince. She leaves her beautiful little slipper on the stairs in a hurry. The prince sends his servants to find Cinderella. They travel through the kingdom with the crystal shoe. They ask all the girls to try this shoe on. But it is too little for all the girls. At last they come to Cinderella's house. The ugly step sisters are ready to try on the little slipper. But their feet are too big. The step-mother is furious. Then Cinderella puts on the slipper. The shoe fits her! "Now I know, — the prince says. — You are my beautiful dancer. I want you to be my wife!" They fall in love and have a big wedding party at the palace. Cinderella and the prince are very happy. They have so many guests! They all dance and have fun. The prince and Cinderella live long and happily.