Posh and becks

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THE BECKHAMS are a famous family from Britain. Becks is the nickname of David Beckham, ex-footballer of Manchester

United, Real Madrid and England. Posh is the nickname of his Wife, Victoria, a member of the girl-band the Spice Girls.

Victoria is called ‘Posh’ because she loves posh, expensive clothes. She says she really likes sunglasses too, because it's easy to look cool in them! Now she is a fashion designer.

Her Company makes very expensive dresses, accessories and jewellery, but also ordinary clothes like jeans and jackets.

David doesn’t play football now, but he owns a football team in Miami, Florida. David has got 32 tattoos! He says they are all about the people in his life, his wife and children.

David Beckham is a hero to many English football fans.

The Beckhams do a lot of Work for Charities and they appear a lot on television. They have got four children. Their sons are Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz, and their daughter is called Harper. The boys are footballers too, and hope to play for England one day.