Brotherly love

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'I don't get on well with my brother. He's very different from me and we argue a lot.

Sometimes I want to be alone. But my sister is always there!'

"I can't have secrets when my brother is around. He reads my text messages!'

"My sister uses my things - and she doesn't ask me first! I hate that!'

According to the website Getting, these problems are not unusual. 1.____'They argue a lot. In general, teenagers are not worried about their brothers and sisters when things go badly for them. And they are not proud of them when things go well!

But most adults are very keen on their brothers and sisters and have a good relationship. So when does the situation change? 2____For example, Madison is 28 years old. Her brother, Tyler, is 26. 'I remember big fights, horrible fights with Tyler,' says Madison. 'But now, our relationship is completely different. 3____We go out together two or three times a month and we have a great time. We're interested in the same things.'

But for teenage brothers and sisters with difficult relationships, what can they do? How can they get on well? Here are a few ideas.

-When your brother or sister uses your things, don't get angry about it - learn to share.

-Imagine your brother or sister is a friend - and be nice!

-Don't tell people your brother or sister's secrets.


-Of course, the other answer is: just wait ten years!