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Hello. My name is Alexey.

Im live in Vitebsk.

I am a graduate of the Polytechnic College of Vitebsk, specializing in “Software of Automated Systems”.

A long time ago.I studied Pascal, FoxPro, C.

Afterwards, I worked for eight years as a technician at Vitebsk State University.

I was involved in software support for lectures, organizing classes, setting up equipment, servers, and laying local networks. But low wages made me leave.

This job allowed me to see the full picture of work. I saw how a final product is created from nothing.

After all, I participated in all stages: from purchasing equipment to creating tests and tasks for students.

Sometimes I acted as a teacher.

At that time, work in IT was low paid. Not enough to live on.

I decided to change my field of activity.

I entered Polotsk State University, majoring in “Water Supply and Drainage”, and got a job at the water utility.

In this job, I was a shift master. I managed a group of up to twenty people.

This job taught me restraint, responsibility.

Working with people turned out to be more difficult than with technology, but it is interesting.

After the events of the twentieth year, working at a state enterprise became possible not for everyone.

And here I am in a new search.

For me, the main value of working in IT is freedom and interesting activity.

I have studied a bit of C#, Golang, JavaScript.

Each has its own advantages.

In the front-end, I liked the instantly visible result.

First, I created an application for generating random speech in golang, then in JavaScript.

I enjoyed doing this.

I was not looking for a programming language, but a place where I could acquire knowledge.

And I found rsschool.

The first attempt was interrupted by Covid.

Trying a second time.

It’s very good that the course is in Russian.

For beginners, learning English and java script at the same time is difficult.

The program is very large and even if I don’t finish it, I will still have knowledge.

And that means everything is not for nothing.