Женщины, которые слишком сильно любят


Робин Норвуд (Zamzar)

Table of Contents

Title Page

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Chapter 1 - Loving the Man Who Doesn’t Love Back

Chapter 2 - Good Sex in Bad Relationships

Chapter 3 - If I Suffer for You, Will You Love Me?

Chapter 4 - The Need to Be Needed

Chapter 5 - Shall We Dance?

Chapter 6 - Men Who Choose Women Who Love Too Much

Chapter 7 - Beauty and the Beast

Chapter 8 - When One Addiction Feeds Another

Chapter 9 - Dying for Love

Chapter 10 - The Road to Recovery

Chapter 11 - Recovery and Intimacy: Closing the Gap

Appendix 1 - How to Start Your Own Support Group

Appendix 2 - Sources of Help

Appendix 3 - Suggested Reading

Appendix 4 - Affirmations


Excerpt from Attached

If you constantly find yourself loving men you want to change, WOMEN WHO LOVE TOO MUCH is for you.

- Houston Chronicle

Acclaim for Robin Norwood’s empowering #1 bestseller

An extraordinary self-help book that reads like a page-turning thriller...

This beautifully written, intelligent book can help women break the pattern of foolish love.

- Los Angeles Times

A message so compelling that those readers who see themselves in the book may well be inspired to follow [Norwood’s] 10-point recovery plan... Norwood conveys the authority and sensitivity of a sister sufferer.

- Philadelphia Inquirer

Even if you’re not a woman who loves too much, the book is a reminder that we indeed make our lives and that love is supposed to be a happy event.

- Boston Herald

How to distinguish between unwise loving and healthy loving is what Norwood sets out to do... Every woman, no matter how healthy her relationships with men may be, may see a bit of herself f in this book.

- Star Publications